Empower your clients to create more value from their data

Your clients – and their data need – are unique. Why offer the same open source data management platforms as everyone else? Only a select number of partners distribute Future Grid Platform, enabling you to stand out and compete on value, not race-to-the-bottom pricing. Our platform focuses on speed, performance, and reliability to ensure your clients start seeing rewards immediately.


Why our partners prefer Future Grid Platform


Easy to scale across any organisation


Integrates with your client tools


Delivers actionable insights fast


Cost effective value and price structure



We partnered with Intel to bring enterprise clients a secure, scalable data management platform that was cost-effective, high performance and could deploy anywhere. The result: our Future Grid Platform Box, a compact, portable unit that delivers the Future Grid Platform solution wherever you need it. Each box can support hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. It’s cost-effective and energy efficient reducing energy usage by to 70%, when compared to traditional data processing and management solutions.



Telstra is an industry leader in providing high-performance data science solutions to their clients. As a participating provider in the Telstra internet of things suite, Future Grid is proud to support Telstra customers in leveraging their data to maximise efficiency, reduce spend and minimise risk across the organisation.

How Future Grid Fits Within Telstra’s Data Management Solution Suite


InfoReady – a Melbourne IT Group Company

InfoReady, a data and analytics provider, is a part of the Melbourne IT Group’s enterprise services division, a leading end-to-end provider of digital solutions for the corporate and government market. Melbourne IT’s offering span mobile, data analytics, cloud, security, managed services and application development capabilities, and operate under three brands: Outware Mobile, InfoReady and Melbourne IT.

Future Grid Platform enables the Australian owned and operated company to provide enterprise and government organisations with a robust digital solution for processing, managing and discovering value in large quantities of data.



Wattwatchers is an Australian technology company focused on devices, data, analytics and communications to make behind-the-meter energy management ultra-smart, easy-to-install and cost-effective. Crossing over for residential, commercial and utility applications, Wattwatchers specialises in API-enabled hardware for monitoring and control of electrical circuits in real-time over the internet. Winner of the Australian Technologies Competition 2016 New Energy Award.

Future Grid Platform enables Wattwatchers’ customers to more effectively observe, predict and control electricity at circuit-level.

Become a Future Grid Platform Partner

The Future Grid Platform has enabled enterprises such as AusNet and United Energy, to process, manage and create value from billions of data points from hundreds of thousands of connected devices. Our platform is faster, more efficient and more reliable than alternative solutions, for a fraction of the cost. As a Future Grid Platform partner, you empower current and future clients to take control of their data and continue building the enterprises of the future.

Deliver better value with Future Grid Platform

Deploys in minutes, not weeks

Fully customisable to your clients’ needs

Compatible with any existing IT environment

Reduces load and eliminates lag time

Predictive analytics minimise risk

Machine learning automates complex processes

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